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The Aviation Academy is pleased to invite you for a joint MRO event on the 17th of April 2019. The program consists of the following sub-events:  Closing event of ‘Data Mining in MRO’ applied research project  Kick-off Event - Aviation Knowledge Hub MRO

Closing event of ‘Data Mining in MRO’ applied research project

- With a keynote speech from Dr.ir. W.J.C. Verhagen (Assistant professor, TU Delft)

Data mining seems to be a promising way to tackle the problem of unpredictability in MRO organizations. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences therefore cooperated with the aviation industry for a two-year applied research project exploring the possibilities of data mining in this area. The researchers studied more than 25 cases at eight different MRO enterprises, applying a CRISP-DM methodology as a structural guideline throughout the project. The project has delivered promising proofs of concept and pilot implementations. We are keen to share the research findings, conclusions and recommendations with you during this unique event. 

Kick-off Event - Aviation Knowledge Hub MRO

Imagine a place where Aviation MRO professionals can get inspired and educated on new technological and process innovations to help them and their industry advance to the next level. An open innovation platform where professionals, students and researchers collaborate to separate fact from fiction, to experiment with new ideas, to mature them for use and to receive help and guidance on implementation issues to advance personally and collectively as industry. This is our vision for the Aviation Knowledge Hub MRO. A place where a strong and systematic integration of industry practice, education and applied research helps creates a win-win-win for professionals, industry and students.

The program will consist of interesting (keynote) speeches, panel discussions and a book presentation. Participation is free for professionals.

13.30  Walk In
14.00  Maurice Pelt: 'Data Mining in MRO’ applied research project with keynote speaker Dr.ir. W.J.C. Verhagen (Assistant professor, TU Delft)
15.00  Presenting booklet
15.15  Break
15.30  Aviation Hub MRO: Intro & Welcome by Arjan Stander
15.45  Roundtable Innovation in Aerospace
17.00  Drinks

Amsterdam of Applied Sciences
Room C1.05
Weesperzijde 190
1097 DZ Amsterdam
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Published by  Faculty of Technology 25 March 2019