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Graduate students selected for the 'It flies' competition!

18 May 2017 15:09 | Faculty of Technology

Four students from the Aviation Academy are graduating at the Flight Simulator Atelier. Two of them are selected for the 'It flies' competition in Manchester at the simulator lab from the Manchester University!

The two students are selected after some thorough 'flight tests' from their simulated aircraft on the Merlin 500-2 simulator by two engineering pilots (both lecturers at the Aviation Academy) and one Research Test Pilot from NLR.

Sam le Poole and Mike Hartman will represent the Aviation Academy with their simulation models of respectively the ATLAS UAV Freighter (a lifting body design that looks like a Thunderbird 2) and the E-SPARC (an electric powered aerobatic aircraft with a canard configuration) amongst students from English and American universities. 

The plane with the best handling qualities wins the competition.

The competition is on June 8th.