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What is flexibility at MRO SMEs?

16 Nov 2013 15:58

Two weeks ago, the research team kicked off with the first step of the roadmap at Dynamic Aviation. Since then different members of the research team have been visiting two other participating companies to determine how they are going to measure performance during this project.

These have already proven to be very productive, educative and useful sessions! Experience teaches us now that although we use the same methods at the companies, not one company is the same. And every company has different issues, different views and different solutions. However there is one matter that keeps popping up: flexibility is important! We know that many smaller companies pride themselves with being very flexible, but when we talk about it, we can never quite wrap our head around the precise definition of the term in this context (MRO). We also cannot determine what the (side) effects of flexibility are on the organisations. We've read articles about flexibility or agility, all saying it is important for small companies, but none of them ever answered the question for us: What does flexibility mean and how do we measure it? So what would be your answer to that question? We ask you to give us YOUR definitions of flexibility and maybe, just maybe we can stop racking our brains and find a workable definition and more importantly, a way of measuring it! Email your definition to: onderhoudjemarktpositie@hva.nl.