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The NLF excellence stimulation price 2013 goes to: Teun Coumou and Alexander Hunink

18 Nov 2013 15:34

With pride we announce that on Saturday november 9th, after a night full inspiring presentations, the NLF excellence stimulation price 2013 has been awarded to Teun Coumou and Alexander Hunink for their research into unstable approaches at ArkeFly.

The price, a check of 10 000 euro, has been awarded by Casper Maasdam (ArkeFly), Aad Veenman (Topsector Logistiek) and Martin Schöder (founder of Martinair).

Every two years the Dutch Aerospace Foundation (Nederlands Lucht- en ruimtevaart Fonds - NLF) holds a competition between thirty-three Dutch aerospace studies in three separate categories. Although the submissions may vary from profound to more general research, each participant has to comply with the theme "Stimulate to Excel" while being focused upon aerospace innovation.

This year, in the category "University of Applied Sciences" (HBO), all three nominees for the 10.000 euro award where Aviation Academy Students:

  • Alexander Janssen - Improving Waste & Water management - KLM E&M
  • Teun Coumou and Alexander Hunink - Unstable Approach - ArkeFly
  • Paul Canoij - Manual for UAV's - NLR

Teun Coumou, Alexander Hunink and Paul Canoij are honours students who participated in the honours programmes Aviation Management and Aviation Engineering.

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