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Start of phase two

13 Nov 2013 09:49

August was characterized by a successful internship by Robin Bandurski and graduations of Djon Snel, Jannes Ligthart and Mathijs Marttin.

With these milestones, the first phase of the "Maintain your Competitive Edge" project is finalized. With the start of phase two, the composition of the project team has also changed. As already mentioned in a previous update, Djon and Jannes have left the project. The following persons have joined the team:

  • Timothy Bakker, as Researcher
  • Arjan van Velzen, as HOIO
  • Tim Leferink, as graduate
  • Dusan Rajkov, as intern

The team is excited with their entry to this project and looks forward working with them.

Phase Two In this phase, companies are visited to go through the first steps on the roadmap. Beside this new research, companies that did not yet receive feedback on the first phase researches are invited for a feedback session. A kick-off meeting is planned on the 19th of September, including a workshop LEAN from Paul Chün (KLM UK).