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Workshop Paul Chün (KLM UK)

14 Nov 2013 09:47

Paul Chün shared his experiences with lean methods. The goal was to illustrate the involvement of the management, the decisions made by the management along with how these decisions influence the processes.

KLM UK is currently executing a seat replacement project on 26 aircraft. All seats of one aircraft are supposed to be replaced overnight. Paul emphasized the challenges that arose during the project. KLM UK has learned to make decisions early in the development, as long as enough knowledge is gathered to predict the possible consequences. A small amount of knowledge would lead up to a large reduction of risks. The management has to decide when the amount of knowledge is substantial enough to estimate the risk and the influence of the choices made in the first phase of the project. It is not optimal to decide at the absolute equilibrium, as the market does not allow late decisions.

The lean project of KLM UK was not composed out of the directors of the organization, but by lean specialists and employees of KLM UK. KLM UK applies lean to optimize processes in this project: back up plans for lorry loading, aircraft placement, task sequence planning and easy tool accessibility. To apply lean successfully, the project team must be supported and recognized. To change the perspective of workers and allow them to work with high energy, they must be motivated. Lean thinking should stimulate creativity and new ideas and therefore lean must be provoked (in a positive way) by the management.

The presentation ended with a time-lapse of the project. Afterwards, the attendants went into discussion with Paul Chün about the presentation. It was a successful and insightful event for both Paul Chün, the participants and the project team.