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Prosperous first HFAS|RX

15 May 2014 09:37

On Wednesday May 14th, the Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences organised the first Human Factor in Civil Aviation Seminar | Research Exchange (HFAS|RX) in cooperation with the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and Human Factors in Aviation Group (HUFAG) at the Auditorium of the NLR.

The HFAS|RX united researchers and practioners from the industry to exchange thoughts on current research and future research questions. Practioners Herman Hello, Hans Huisman, Gerard Temme and Jos Wilbrink from KLM, LVNL, Certiflyer and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, indicated their daily challenges such as airspace infringements and certification issues. Researchers Clark Borst, Robert Jan de Boer, Guido Band and Joris Field from the Delft University of Technologyy, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the University of Leiden and the NLR, provided insight into state-of-the-art Human Factor developments such as the use of sociometric data and cognitive psychology.

The presentations of practioners and researchers resulted in a fruitfull dialogue on research questions and opportunities for cooperation. During the panel discussion, participants and guest speakers indicated that it is most likely that the first HFAS|RX is followed up by a second one.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences would like to thank the KLM, NLR, HUFAG and all guest speakers for the effort put into making the first HFAS|RX a success.

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