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Rob Duivis – “GE 90s and the KLM Test Cell”

13 Oct 2014 09:22

On Friday October 10th, Rob Duivis, KLM Senior Power Plant Engineer and GE 90 Program Manager at KLM, gave a guest lecture to second year students of the Aviation Academy. Duivis discussed roughly two topics: recent gas turbine engine developments for new aircraft types, and the KLM power plant test cell situated at Schiphol East.

Duivis started his career at KLM after graduating from the HTS, and worked as a power plant engineer for 20 years. He is now sustaining his long career at KLM as Program Manager of the General Electric 90, the plant that powers the 87 aircraft Triple Seven fleet of AF/KLM. KLM offers internships year-round in all of their departments, including Engineering & Maintenance. Many students of the Aviation Academy find their way to KLM for their internships, and Duivis has been supervising interns at his department for a couple of years now. Duivis contributes to and encourages the incorporation of gas turbine technology into the curriculum of the Aviation Academy. As a representative of AF/KLM to the Dutch Gas Turbine Association, Duivis has contributed to the Gas Turbine Technology minor, a co-production of four Applied Engineering Schools (INHolland, Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool van Zeeland and Hogeschool van Amsterdam).

Today was the second time Duivis gave a guest lecture at the Aviation Academy, in addition to his history with the Aviation Knowledge and Career Day, hosted by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences every year. We encourage students of the Aviation Academy, particularly those who are in the second year, to register for this year’s AKCD (to be held on the 13th of December) as it is the perfect opportunity to get in contact with people from the industry, including Mr Duivis.