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Tenth Aviation Management Conference

All about scenarios, paradigm shifts and black swans

23 Jan 2015 00:00

On Wednesday the 21st of January 2015, the tenth Aviation Management Conference was held at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The audience consisted of around 200 attendees from various industries and research institutions. The milestone was celebrated by means of a special program, in which students and professionals discussed future scenarios and the role of aviation herein.

The Aviation Management Conference is a yearly event that is organised entirely by students of the Aviation Academy’s honours program in Aviation Management. This year, the main topic addressed was scenario planning. Students prepared presentations on a total of four future scenarios, and presented these to the audience in collaboration with a guest speaker.

The conference was kicked off by Geert Boosten, Head of the Aviation Department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Gert Meijer, lecturer at the Aviation Academy. Gert Meijer warmed up the audience with a reflection on the past aviation decade. He evaluated the occurrences that shaped today’s aviation world by showing that a lot can happen in only the short period of time that is a decade, and by wondering if anyone saw some of the big game changers coming. The future may not be particularly bright for the traditional business models we see in what is perceived a mature industry.

The program continued with a number of presentations form both national and international speakers. Among them was UK based Paul Clark, who worked for Airbus for almost two decades but is now traveling the world in his role as recognized aviation author, consultant and speaker.

More Information

The scenarios discussed during the conference were the result of a research project conducted by students in collaboration with industry professionals. Publications of the results will become available in the coming weeks. For more information about the publications, the speakers or the program of the conference, please visit www.amconference.nl.