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Final seminar 'Maintain your competitive edge'

20 Apr 2015 15:09

After two years the subsidized part of the project ‘Maintain your competitive edge’ has been finished. The project which combines investigations of process improvement within the Small – and Medium-sized enterprises in the aviation maintenance sector with the practical improvements.

The final seminar held on the 2nd of April has brought all of these aspects together into one program. Robert Jan de Boer (lector Aviation Academy) started the seminar with a presentation about the achievements of this project within a two-year timeframe, both on research level as well as on executive level. As a result of the project the ‘toolbox’ could be formed. This toolbox contains the methods and tools, which the enterprises can use to improve their processes. The toolbox contains a ‘Roadmap’ in which improvements are to be executed into two directions, the hard way of the to be applied tools in a process and the human, change management factor.

As an example of the executive result Ruud Kleinendorst (CEO NedAero), as a participant of the project, has been asked to present his experiences of the past two years in the form of a ‘testimonial’.

“Next to the fact that we are now able to improve our processes we now actually have an understanding of our performance, which is a great improvement on its own” – Ruud Kleinendorst, CEO NedAero 

Jaap van den Heuvel (CEO Reinier de Graaf hospital) as an expert in the area of process improvement has been asked to give a keynote about process improvement in another sector showing similarities. 


Jaap van den Heuvel - CEO Reinier de Graaf hospital

At the end of the meeting lieutenant general Schnitger of the Royal Netherlands Air Force has been given the first copy of the booklet 'Maintaining your competitive edge', which contains the results of the investigation, along with the toolbox. During the meeting both sides agreed on the importance of collaboration.

“Sharing knowledge is the new form of cooperation and our cooperation with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has been a very good example” – Lieutenant general Schnitger, Royal Netherlands Air Force.

The University of Applied Sciences and the Aviation Academy would like to thank all the stakeholders and contributors for their commitment during the project. On behalf of the research team of the project ‘Maintain your competitive edge’ of the Aviation Academy, 

Robert Jan de Boer

Ellen Budde

Monique Heiligers

Eric van de Ven

Peter Bos

Arjan Stander

Enos Postma

Mathijs Marttin