About 10K

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences' Incubator programme for innovative startup ideas

The 10K Incubator programme, part of the HvA Venture Centre of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, supports startup ideas from all students of the HvA, regardless of their education. We work closely with internal and external partners from the Amsterdam ecosystem to enable innovative, sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship for our entrepreneurial students.

The 10K incubator is there for all students who have an innovative idea and want to develop it further into a startup. Experience within entrepreneurship or not, does not matter, this support is there for all students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, from Nursing to Business Administration and from Engineering to Sports Management.

With around 45,000 students, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is the largest higher education institution in the Netherlands. With this, we also have a wide variety of student backgrounds such as Nutrition, Product Design and Commercial Economics. This variety of backgrounds, makes it a breeding ground for innovative ideas, sustainable innovations and creative solutions. The 10K incubator programme supports the development of these innovative ideas, which contribute to making tomorrow's world a little nicer.

After 12 successful editions, next September, the 13th edition of 10K will kick off! Once again, we have room for 8 to 12 startups. Depending on the size of the group.

If you have an idea for a startup, sign up quickly to become part of generation 13 of 10K.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 26 May 2023