Hogeschool van Amsterdam

About 10K

10K was designed and initiated because the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences supports students to start a business with a creative solution or sustainable innovation. However, the step from student team to start-up is not always self-evident and easy. To narrow the gap between education and the start-up ecosystem of Amsterdam for students, we have therefore developed an intensive extracurricular incubator program that offers tailor-made solutions to innovative and sustainable student start-ups.

The program exists since 2017 and has since then participated in a total of x startups. These "teams" consisting of one to five students or alumni come from the entire AUAS. And since 2019, the program has also been open to bachelor students from other Amsterdam knowledge institutions.

IXA & Municipality of Amsterdam

IXA, together with the HvA and the municipality of Amsterdam, makes the 10K pre-incubator program possible. The IXA Next arrangement has made it possible for AUAS to invest in facilitating students (teams) with innovative ideas for the world of tomorrow. And to give these students the tools to really have a chance to realize their ideas and compete in the Amsterdam Startup Ecosystem.

Evidence based

Finally, the 10K Pre-Incubator was designed with the help of entrepreneurial researchers. The entrepreneurship lectureship helps to monitor the program and safeguards the quality. But the methodologies that are used in many cases also find their basis in research, for example the 24 Steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology developed by MIT professor Bill Aulet forms the red line through the 10K Program.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 21 May 2021