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10K mission, vision and assumptions

Innovative, Sustainable & Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The mission of the 10K Pre-Incubator is to help AUAS students and alumni to help shape the world of tomorrow with creative solutions and sustainable innovations. Our motto is: innovative, sustainable and inclusive.

Innovative because we think that we will not save the challenges in today's world with out-of-the-box thinking, but we need to have a new "box", powered by new technology and business models.


Inclusive because entrepreneurship cannot be done alone in isolation and you become stronger by involving others with a different background and opinion. But also because entrepreneurship with innovative ideas should just not be possible for a few.

The meaning of 10K

10K stands for 10,000 and not euros but hours. At 10K we assume that it takes time before you master something, time that you should spend by developing yourself consciously and with attention. Entrepreneurship is not a matter of just doing it, it is a disciplined process in which, as Bill Aulet describes, you pursue your vision of the future with the spirit of a pirate, but you do this with the discipline of a Marine: teamwork, each with its own specialization, preparation in which as little as possible is left to chance and an accurate execution in which results are input for further learning and improvement.

Principles of the 10K Program

  • You can learn entrepreneurship, you are not born with it, and this applies to students from all AUAS programs
  • Diversity in background, education, but also personality and character is a strength
  • You can't do it alone
  • Realizing an innovative idea does not always mean having your own company
  • You want to realize an innovative idea as quickly as possible, but it takes time, it's all about how you spend that time
Published by  Entrepreneurship 21 May 2021