10k-Program Criteria

Our program aims to support and nurture innovative ideas from current (full-time) AUAS students or alumni who have graduated within the past two years. We encourage you to apply if you have a passion for innovation-driven entrepreneurship in the form of starting a new company.

Our program is designed to help you turn your innovative idea into reality, with a focus on creating positive impact aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We encourage you to read this article about innovation-driven entrepreneurship: A TALE OF TWO ENTREPRENEURS

We value diversity and welcome teams with various forms of organization and motivations, whether you're a solo-founder or part of a team with up to five members.

Below are some aspects that are important to determine if 10K fits your team and your idea.

Criteria for applicants to apply for the 10k incubation program

Student status of the founder(s):

  • The program is open to current (full-time) bachelor or master AUAS students or AUAS alumni who have graduated within the past two years (cut-off date when getting your diploma). Additionally, full-time undergraduate students from other higher education institutions in Amsterdam are eligible to apply.

  • The program is open for solo-founders or teams (with up to five founders, based on experience we have a preference for three founders. At least one team member should be enrolled as an AUAS student or AUAS alumni as described above.

Innovative Business Idea:

  • Applicants should describe what the problem is that they are aiming to solve with their business idea. Be as concrete as possible.

  • Applicants must describe their solution, and what is new about their product, service, business model or process while showing the significant added value or improvement added in relation to what already exists in the market.

  • Applicants must demonstrate for whom their idea solves a problem and showcase their understanding of the target market or audience; early market research or customer interactions are desirable.

  • The idea should demonstrate potential for significant positive impact aligned with at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Evaluation of Impact

  • Applicants should describe the potential target audience's size and how the problem they aim to solve is currently being tackled by this audience without your proposed solution.

  • Applicants must show three future milestones they want to achieve within a year to increase the impact of the business idea (scalability).

In-House Knowledge and Collaboration:

  • Applicants must show evidence of involvement in past projects, or extracurricular activities that demonstrate experience with the proposed idea. Therefore, applicants need to demonstrate that the knowledge, skills or resources are directly accessible in-house.
  • Applicants should provide a list with three suggested AUAS employee(s) who might help them with further developing the knowledge, skills, and networks needed for the venture.
  • We do not support projects where the knowledge, skills or resources to deliver or create a product/service is not in-house (e.g., dropshipping).

If the applicants apply and as a result are accepted to the exclusive 10K-program, the applicants become 10K-Ventures. Once accepted we expect the following during your participation:

Time and commitment:

  • Member(s) of the 10K-Venture commit to invest 20 weeks with a minimum commitment of 8 hours per week, including the bi-weekly meetings for meetings and workshops.

  • Member(s) of the 10K-Ventures are expected to actively engage in the program and seek feedback and support from coaches and peers.

  • Participation to the full programme is expected. Failing to meet these criteria will lead to a conversation with the project lead, which could result in losing your spot in the incubator.

Startup Development:

  • Prepare a roadmap stating the goals you want to achieve during the 10k programme.

  • Meet on a regular basis with your coach to further advance your startup idea.

  • Expand your network by being connected to entrepreneurs, industry experts and academics in the field.

  • Present your idea for a product or service and how this idea adds value during two events: the Feedback Night and the Dragons Den

  • Adhere to ethical considerations. We ask members to reflect and adhere to ethical standards and contribute positively to society.

  • Note: There is not yet a need for a market-ready minimal viable product, prototype, business model, registration at the Chamber of Commerce, brand, or sales/economic activities at this stage.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 17 May 2024