For who?

For whom: AUAS students with an innovative and sustainable idea!

10K is for all HvA students with an innovative idea to make the world (or a small part of it) a little bit better or to improve a process they are familiar with. It is also important that you have the motivation and time to invest in this idea and in 10K.

Below are some aspects that are important to determine if 10K fits your team and your idea. if you have questions about this, have doubts or can't figure it out? Do not hesitate to schedule an introductory meeting, which you can do at the right corner of the website!

With what kind of idea can you participate?

  • Your startup (idea), is based on the knowledge of a particular market, target group or technology present in the team.

  • You demonstrate for whom product/service you are solving a problem.

  • It shows how big the group/market is for whom you solve the problem.

  • The idea is based on the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained during your studies at the HvA or you need these knowledge, skills and experience to make it a success.

  • If you succeed in realizing the idea, it will make the world or a small part of it a little better or it will improve an existing process or even make it more sustainable.

  • The idea is an improvement at product and supply chain level in terms of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals compared to alternatives currently on the market.

  • It involves a significant innovation at the product or process level and is not just a marketing or branding change.

How far along does your startup need to be?

  • There is an idea for a product or service, and thought has been given to how this idea will add value.

  • There is a vision of who the potential target audience is for whom this added value is relevant.

  • There is no "market-ready" minimal viable product yet.
    There is no need for a prototype or mock-up (although this is recommended).

  • There does not need to be a business model yet.
    The team does not yet need to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

  • There is no need to come up with a brand or company name.
    No sales or other economic activities need to have taken place.

Requirements for your team:

  • The team consists of one to four students, at least one of whom is enrolled as an bachelor (or master) student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam or has graduated from an bachelor (or master) programme within the past two years. (Moreover, many programmes are also open to full-time undergraduate students from other higher education institutions in Amsterdam).

  • There is an intrinsic motivation to invest 20 weeks with 10K in your own startup, with a minimum load of 8 hours per week, to find out what it takes to turn a good idea into a success.

  • The team does not necessarily have to want to start a new company and can still have doubts about this - there are multiple forms of organization to realize an idea.

  • The team certainly does not need to have a primarily commercial goal or motivation - pursuing a social enterprise is certainly also appropriate and desirable.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 20 December 2023