Diploma legalisation

Are you an international student who has graduated from the AUAS? Do you plan to continue your studies or career outside the Netherlands? There is no guarantee that your Dutch diploma will be recognised abroad. It’s therefore wise to have your diploma legalised: this proves that your document is authentic and that it has been issued by a governing authority.

How do you arrange diploma legalisation?

If you plan to return home after studying in the Netherlands, it’s wise to have your diploma legalised before you leave the country. This involves a stamp (and/or an apostille stamp issued by the courts) which is impressed on your actual (paper) diploma from the AUAS, in order to verify its authenticity.

The Education Executive Agency, known locally as DUO can assist you.

Have you already left the Netherlands?

It’s also possible to send your diploma to DUO via courier (registered mail). DUO will send your legalised diploma back to you via mail. See the DUO site for information on this process and the related costs.

If you require an apostille stamp please send an email to DUO’s Diploma recognition and Legalisation department or call them between 09:00 – 12:00 on +31 50 599 80 36.

Diploma supplement

The Diploma Supplement is a legal document that provides an independent evaluation of the nature, level, context, content and status of the completed degree programme as it is described on the graduate's higher professional education (HBO) certificate/diploma. This description is in no way a judgement of value and relates solely to the programme completed by that student.

Since 1998, all students at the AUAS automatically receive a diploma supplement upon graduation, free of charge.

Published by  Communication 15 April 2020