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In the third year of the full-time International Business bachelor's degree programme, you will need to choose one of the five majors offered by the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB).


If you decide to follow your internship and thesis in the same subject of your major, you will get a specialization in that field mentioned on your diploma.

This major will help you to further develop your global mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, and to expand your ability to work in the international field. You will develop skills to build and maintain international business relationships with relevant stakeholders. This includes applying culture and communications approaches and deepening your language skills in Spanish, French or Mandarin.

You will cover the external business environment of global, regional and local market sectors and how organisations deal with the fluctuations experienced across the globe. You will learn to recognise the needs, opportunities and sustainability of organisations and advise on how they can manage change and weather business cycle fluctuations. Particular industries will be studied including luxury goods, travel and hospitality, gaming and technology.

Through the Knowledge Café and other interviews, you will directly interact with business contacts and students abroad. This provides you with opportunities for developing business and international contacts and learning other approaches to the projects you are researching.

Within the International Business programme you can specialise in a very interesting field: Global Trade and Supply Chain Management.

The practice of supply chain management has become widespread in all industries around the globe today. Both small and large firms realise the benefits provided by effective global trade and supply chain management. Through the six foundation perspectives Purchasing, Logistics, Export Management, Innovation, Finance and ERP, you will learn how to apply methods for designing a supply chain in an international setting. Also, you will find out how changes in the supply chain design impact the financial performance of a company, and can bring direct value to sustainability and social responsibility.

Looking for a strong and global foundation in the areas Accounting & Control and Finance & Investment? During the last years of the IB study programme you can choose the specialisation International Finance and Control through your major, internship and thesis

The International Finance and Control major has been designed to help you to make business decisions as a corporate executive, and to evaluate investments as a financial analyst within this interconnected (financial) world.

If you want to deepen and widen your knowledge about marketing, then the specialisation track International Marketing & Sales will offer you the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of business administration, economics or communications, and acquire and master the foundations of marketing and cross-cultural issues.

Specialising in International Marketing and Sales takes you on a journey in which you challenge yourself to further your knowledge and experience by studying and applying academic articles, professional publications, case studies and market research from different perspectives. You are challenged to apply and further develop your knowledge and insights during both the internship and thesis phase which, in order to be eligible for marketing specialisation, should both be in the field of international marketing and sales.

A specialisation in Organisation, Leadership and Change will give you an insight in business processes, structures, teams, project management, various types of organisations and business models in the age of digital and global economy.

The Organisation, Leadership and Change major offers a number of management-related courses covering topics and themes important in educating a cosmopolitan global citizen. Students will be able to deepen their knowledge into strategic international management, leadership, change, service and operations management and organizational behaviour.

Organisations today need both leaders and skillful followers with an understanding of organisational and environmental dynamics who are able to adjust, learn and grow. This specialisation track is aimed at delivering such employees to the job market. Upon completion, participants will be able to think strategically, be customer-focused, flexible, open-minded and respectful business professionals eager to be molded into a specialist in corporate strategy, process management, management or change of HR consulting.

Published by  Amsterdam School of International Business 15 February 2024