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Poverty Interventions

The research group Poverty Interventions aims to make a contribution to improving the effectiveness and professionalism of implementing bodies in the social sphere in order to improve the self-management of the residents of Amsterdam.

How can citizens autonomously develop and maintain the healthiest possible financial behaviour?

Self-management of citizens

Self-determination and self-sufficiency by ability will be central pillars of tomorrow’s civil society. At present, many public service providers in Amsterdam focus on residents who display unhealthy or insufficiently healthy financial behaviour. If these services are insufficiently effective, they can impede the self-management of citizens, in financial terms as well as in many other areas.

Contributing to Amsterdam policy

To achieve the best possible results in this research, the research group will identify those citizens needing support, what support they need at an individual level and promote the greatest possible degree of self-management as well as identify which interventions and methods contribute to effective, sustainable poverty and participation policy in Amsterdam.

  A.L. Custers (Anna Louise)

Professor of Poverty Interventions

Tel: 0628954803
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