Centre of Applied Research Technology

About the Centre of Applied Research

Technology and technical advancements play an important role in finding solutions for current societal challenges with regard to sustainability, climate change, liveability, accessibility, equality (and combating inequality) and health. At the Faculty of Technology, we contribute to these efforts through applied technological research conducted by eight research groups, each focusing on its own field of study.

The Centre for Applied Research Technology serves as the home base for this research. Through the Centre, we manage aspects such as the quality of the research, HR and doctoral policy, finances, communications and data and information management. The Centre’s mission is to explore and design technological and tech-driven interventions for a strong, sustainable, liveable and connected Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We utilise innovative research and a network of partners from the professional field to achieve impact on professional practice. At the same time, we strive to help the education sector stay up-to-date and contribute to training well-equipped technical professionals – the people who can solve the problems of both today and tomorrow.

Applied research

Applied research distinguishes itself from academic research through its focus on exploring practical issues from the professional field and intensive cooperation with the professional field during the research. The research is conducted within research groups, which are groups of researchers, including lecturer-researchers, PhD candidates and postdocs, led by a full professor.

Students in HBO Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes frequently take part in the research, for instance in the final phase of the Bachelor, by participating in graduation workshops and collaborating with lecturer-researchers. Methodological thoroughness, connection to academic knowledge and scope for the entire professional field are important principles in the research.

Each research project is aimed at achieving impact in the professional field, society and in education. Intensive long-term cooperation with partners – such as professionals who work for municipalities, SMEs and other organisations – also helps to increase the impact in the professional field. In their cooperation with the education sector, the research groups strive to contribute substantially to the renewal of curricula, the content of courses (case studies and contents of classes) and the research skills of students.

Research since 2003

The Faculty of Technology has been conducting research since 2003. It all began with the appointment of a Professor of Logistics. Since that time, various new research groups in the field of technology and technical advancements have been introduced and the impact of the faculty's applied research on people and society has greatly expanded. Today, the research being conducted in the Faculty of Technology is a cohesive and professional whole.

Research themes

The research contributes to knowledge development in connection with the key themes at the Faculty of Technology. These themes provide substantive guidance with regard to both education and research and the cooperation with other faculties and with parties in society. They are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals and innovative: Circular Transition, Connectivity & Mobility, Designing Future Cities, Energy Transition, Smart Industry and Technology for Life.

Centre of Expertise for City Net Zero

The Centre for Applied Research Technology contributes to various Centres of Expertise at AUAS and especially to the Centre of Expertise for City Net Zero, for which the Faculty of Technology serves as coordinator.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 23 November 2023