Centre of Applied Research Technology


The research conducted at the Centre for Applied Research Technology at Amsterdam University of Applied Science’s Faculty of Technology focuses on the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. While this urban environment has a strong basis, it also faces many urgent societal challenges with regard to sustainability, climate change, liveability, accessibility, equality (and combating inequality) and health.

Cities are dealing with transformation, new construction and urban renewal, while rapidly becoming denser as well. The mobility system is reaching its limits, the pressure on green spaces is increasing and the city faces a multitude of climate-related challenges. Amsterdam and the metropolitan area have established ambitious goals in connection with the housing market, the energy transition, the circular economy, climate adaptation and mobility. There are also major issues with regard to digitalisation, health and safety. This calls for the development of interdisciplinary and innovative knowledge, with technological innovation playing a crucial role.

Impact in the professional field

The current challenges call for tech-driven interventions that can be translated into practical tools with a direct impact in the professional field – and which also contribute to the systemic transitions in response to major societal problems. The research at the Centre for Applied Research Technology is characterised by collaboration with professionals in the field and by the use of a broad range of research methods and techniques tailored to the specific context and issues.

Characteristics of the research

At the Centre for Applied Research Technology, we conduct technological research, empirical research and social sciences research. To this end, we apply techniques and methods such as design-based research, field research, experimentation, modelling, data science and prototyping. We also devote attention to human factors and ethical and business aspects to promote the implementation and use of the technological solutions. We contribute to various AUAS Centres of Expertise, particularly to the Centre of Expertise for City Net Zero, for which the Faculty of Technology serves as coordinator.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 23 November 2023