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Website Greening the Cloud project is live!

8 Apr 2015 00:00 | Communication

Cloud services are ever more popular, resulting in expanding server parks and an increasing energy footprint for ICT. To contribute to making this sector more sustainable, a research project named Greening the Cloud has been set up by AUAS. The aim of Greening the Cloud is to quantify the increasing consumption of energy by cloud services and identify the potential for increasing the efficiency of energy consumption by these kinds of services.

More than ten companies are cooperating with this research project, including SIG, SURFnet, Shuberg Philis, VMware and Diesveld, along with three Amsterdam knowledge institutes – AUAS, UvA and VU – and three sector organisations, including Nederland ICT, in order to obtain knowledge with which to further ‘green’ the cloud. Greening the Cloud expands upon the expertise of the SEFlab as a measuring laboratory in which various measurements will be carried out. The exceptional aspect of this is that the consumption of energy is measured at component level in the hardware in relation to the virtualisation and cloud application software used.   

Various cloud service companies, including hosting companies and cloud application developers, are contributing concrete cases and research questions through which their services can be analysed and made greener. The multi-server measuring platform of the Software Energy Footprint (SEF) Lab at AUAS offers a well-equipped practical location for the parties involved.
Greening the Cloud
The latest developments can be followed on the new Greening the Cloud website, along with the opportunity to become a participant in the Greening the Cloud research project.

For more information on Greening the Cloud please contact Robert van den Hoed: r.van.den.hoed@hva.nl.