Centre of Applied Research Technology

Key themes

Our ambition is to be the go-to knowledge institution in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in the fields of Circular Transition, Connectivity & Mobility, Designing Future Cities, Energy Transition, Smart Industry and Technology for Life. We excel in these themes and have outstanding lecturers and researchers who lead the way with their knowledge. Together with students and partners, they make a visible contribution to improvements and innovations. Through cooperation, we realise creative solutions and sustainable, structural innovations to address the societal challenges we face today.

Circular Transition

Within the Circular Transition research theme, we develop technological solutions to facilitate the circular transition. These range from products and buildings to systems and from circular design to cutting-edge local production and sustainable business models. The research is geared toward generating impact in the ecological, social and economic arenas.

Connectivity & Mobility

The Connectivity & Mobility research theme is aimed at technological solutions that contribute to the accessibility, liveability and economic resilience of the city. Our research concentrates on the physical and digital connections that promote the sustainable and efficient movement of people, goods and information, with a focus on hubs such as Schiphol and the Zuidas.

Designing Future Cities

Within the Designing Future Cities research theme, we work toward design solutions that will help make our cities future-proof. The focus is on climate resilience, circular construction and the liveability of cities. In our research, we adopt an integral approach to establish connections between these and other challenges.

Energy Transition

The Energy Transition research contributes to the energy transition by developing technical and organisational solutions, from smart charging to sustainable ways to generate energy and from data management to training ‘21st-century engineers’. The research focuses on designing technical interventions with a focus on social and economic development and impact.

Smart Industry

The Dutch Smart Industry Programme was launched in 2015. The goal of the programme is to accelerate the digitalisation of industry to achieve economic growth, create jobs and reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy. Within the Smart Industry theme, we strive to support the manufacturing and industrial sectors in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as they make the digital transition.

Technology for Life

Technology for Life focuses on societal problems in relation to safety, security and health through the use of responsible technology and with a focus on the human factor. The design and development of (smart) appliances, technical systems and tasks and the responsible use of these are key in this context. The aim is to enhance people’s safety, health and comfort.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 23 November 2023