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dr. ir. M.P. Horikx (Michiel)

Professor of Structural Safety
Work address:
Jakoba Mulderhuis, Rhijnspoorplein 2, 1091 GC Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 1209,1000 BE Amsterdam
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Michiel Horikx was appointed Professor by Special Appointment in Structural Safety on 1 September 2019 for a tenure of four years.

The Constructive Safety national research group, which was initiated by the Faculty of Technology together with the Dutch Concrete Association (Betonvereniging) and Building with Steel (Bouwen met Staal) national industry associations, works to accumulate knowledge by means of multi-year research programmes in which several graduates work on the same research question and build on each other’s research. The research group also develops new learning materials and assists teachers in the classroom, thus establishing a strong connection between research and education. Structural safety is and will remain relevant in the light of recent building collapses such as the parking garage in Eindhoven (2017) and the roof of the AZ football stadium (2019).

Horikx’s previous work

Michiel first studied architectural and later structural design at the Technical University in Eindhoven and obtained his engineer’s degree in 1983. From 1988 to 1992, he was conceptual designer and engineering manager of the steel structures - retaining wall, lattice arms and ball-and-socket joint - of the Maeslant storm surge barrier. Since 1992, he has worked at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences as a senior lecturer and programme manager, responsible for the design, implementation and management of the Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering Bachelor’s programmes and the Structural Engineering Master’s programme.

Publications on structural safety

He has for many years been actively involved in the profession in national and international scientific institutes and through his participation in knowledge committees, editorial committees and the boards of industry associations. He has published several articles on structural safety in Dutch professional journals such as Cement and Bouwen met Staal.

PhD thesis on structural safety

His doctoral thesis A Methodical Approach on Conceptual Structural Design (2017) is based on his practical experience and specifically addresses the national and international issues of structural safety and quality and cost optimisation of a construction’s service lifespan. The methodical approach to the structural design process provides a fundamental understanding of the stresses affecting a structure and informs successive design decisions during the design process using integrated solution components.

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