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Dra. C.A. Zuniga Alcaraz (Catya)

Associate Professor Aviation Management
Work address:
Jakoba Mulderhuis, Rhijnspoorplein 2, 1091 GC Amsterdam
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Dra. Catya Zuniga (female), holds a PhD in Telecommunication and System Engineering by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, obtained with the highest honours in 2012; she did postdoctoral studies in the Applied Mathematic Laboratory at the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC), France under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Delahaye. She received a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Informatics form the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a B.Sc. Mechanic Engineering from the Autonomous Metropolitan University (Mexico). She received a Mechanical Specialization degree by National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico and in the same year a Superior Educational Diplomat.

Dra. Zuniga has worked for the last years as a researcher on diverse universities around the world such as the Aeronautical University in Queretaro (Mexico), the French Civil Aviation University (France), and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), among others. She has given several courses related to the logistic and operational side or aviation both on the airspace and airport side; air traffic management, modelling and simulation and operation research among others. She has participated in some international project founded by Mexican and European institutions and produced publications in high quality research journals and congresses related to the airport and air traffic management field.

Dr. Zuniga’s main research interest has been focused on developing strategic and tactical airport and air traffic management decision support tools and strategies to improve the performance of the aviation operations using innovative operational concepts on line with the international standards and recommendations.

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