Centre of Applied Research Technology


The Centre of Applied Research Technology is always looking for businesses, knowledge institutions and other organisations with which to collaborate. There are a number of possibilities:

  • Internships and thesis research projects
  • Long-term research projects
  • Teaching projects (minors, courses)
  • Projects at the Innovation Lab
  • Excellence programme: Honours programmes and the Studium Excellence programme

Would you like to collaborate with one of our research programmes? Have a look at the various programmes on offer or contact the programme manager concerned.

Programme managers


Monique Heiligers

Urban Technology Katrien de Witte k.p.de.witte@hva.nl
Forensic Research Bertus Postema b.postema@hva.nl

To collaborate with the School of Engineering on a project outside the regular programmes, please contact the Education and Student Affairs Office: Roos Brinkman (Built Environment) r.brinkman@hva.nl / 020 - 595 1312 or Marit Groenhoff (Engineering) m.m.groenhoff@hva.nl / 020 - 595 1446

20 April 2015