Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Centre of Applied Research Technology


Technical research is aimed at solutions and design: translating knowledge into things. It comes to making tangible materials, products or processes. This way, it distinguishes itself from scientific research (science). Within the Centre of Applied Research of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, lecturers, researchers and students cooperate with practitioners from the industry in research projects and research labs such as the SEFLab, the Innovation Lab, OpenBIM-lab and the Logistics Lab.

Research results:

  • Research reports for companies, branches and public authorities
  • Demonstrators and prototypes of future products, like the H2A, the hydrogen-car of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences which won the first price in the hydrogenclass of the Shell EcoMarathon Europe with a fuel consumption of one liter per 3042 km.
  • Business cases of new business concepts
  • Market research
  • Advisory tool for SME organisations

Research results are available in:

  • Articles in professional journals, professional-websites and scientific magazines.
  • Publications in the publication series of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Centre of Applied Research Technology.
  • Contributions on seminars and conferences. 
28 April 2015