Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Centre of Applied Research Technology

Safety Leadership Seminar (1 dag)

Improve performance and safety in your organization with Prof. Dr. Sidney Dekker


In this event Sidney Dekker, professor and well-known publicist in the field of Human Factors and Safety, and Robert J. de Boer, professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will guide you towards a proactive approach to safety that simultaneously improves the performance of your organization. In this inspiring, thought-provoking and demanding seminar you will be confronted with your own preconceptions about safety, accountability and retribution. During this seminar, we will address: * The fallacy of human error * The value of Work-as-Done and Work-as-Imagined * The ten steps to safety leadership * What if things go wrong: learning from incidents and restorative justice

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 15 May 2018