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Aviation students win Battle of Concepts prizes

9 Mar 2016 15:44 | Centre for Applied Research Technology

The Battle of Concepts: a well known crowdsourcing platform where students and young professionals can present their solutions for all kinds of relevant problems. One of such battles was about making arrival- and departure-processes smarter and more efficient, and the first and third place of this battle were won by two Aviation students!

While Schiphol Airport aims to remain Europe’s preferred airport, KLM continuously searches for innovation and optimization of the turnaround process, and both aim for  smarter and more efficient turnaround times at Schiphol Airport. This shared desire to improve turnaround times at Schiphol Airport motivated both Schiphol and KLM to make use of crowdsourcing through Battle of Concepts as a method to tackle these challenges. Of course, not without offering a prize for the best ideas.

Younes Amjahid, currently project coordinator at Scarabee Aviation Group, graduated from Aviation Studies in July 2015 with a specialization in Security and Technology. He heard of the Battle of Concepts from his brother, who had won prizes in earlier ‘Battles’. Then, an aviation related battle was opened and this was the chance for Younes to enter the competition. With good fortune, because he won this Battle of Concept!

Younes’ background in Aviation Engineering and his experience in researching innovative solutions with Scarabee, enabled him to develop a concept that was worthy of the first price. He said: “The solution I designed relied on an innovative Internet of Everything (IoE) platform with a diversity of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor.”. He continued: “there was a smart back end which could manage all turn-around processes, I named this smart piece of software ‘The Orchestrator’”, which is also the name of Younes’ solution. ‘The Orchestrator’ arranges, manipulates and controls the planning and manoeuvring of the turnaround process.

The third place was won by graduate student Steve Marinus. Steve analyses the turn around process during his graduation internship at KLM which motivated him to subscribe to the Battle of Concepts.

His concept focuses on the process of (dis)connecting passenger boarding bridges. Currently, ground personnel are required to move these mechanisms. A smarter way of managing this process is to operate from a central location. Cameras will be placed on all boarding bridges in order to control them automatically via monitors. “This concept isn’t applied to any airport worldwide, therefore Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can distinguish itself from competitors” says Steve. “KLM can enjoy a faster but in particular safer turn around. Also, ground personnel can be deployed more efficiently” he continued.

In total 88 concepts were handed in to the Jury and Younes and Steve were one of the 22 concepts that survived the first round of selection. The preselection was conducted by experts of both KLM and Schiphol Airport, whom all loved to read the concepts and innovative ideas. According to the jury, Younes’ Orchestrator is in line with the philosophy of the responsible departments of KLM and Schiphol, and the concept is feasible. Also, Steve’s concept was judged as a feasible solution of an actual problem. 

The Aviation Academy would like to congratulate Younes and Steve with their prizes, and wish them many more successes in future endeavours!