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Successful International Cross-Industry Safety Conference 2016

4 Nov 2016 15:12 | Centre for Applied Research Technology

The International Cross-Industry Safety Conference (ICSC) is a platform for exchanging safety related ideas, experiences and results from research and real-world cases between and within various industry sectors and academia. This year’s topic was ‘Measuring Safety’.

The four keynotes addressed topics relevant to the theme of the conference and covered various subjects, such as:

  • micro-, meso- and macro system safety models
  • safety in systems with inherent unsafe design objectives
  • improvement of safety through measurement
  • best practices in measuring safety

Besides this, seventeen representatives from industry, academia and (inter)governmental organizations delivered their presentations and discussed with the attendants a wide range of practical applications and research results. The speeches covered topics like safety metrics design, performance-based safety assessment, measuring of distances between system states, safety and efficiency, safety data sharing, future safety challenges, safety and culture, and harmonization of safety regulations.

In addition to the questions and answers sessions that followed each presentation, a plenary discussion took place on the subject of ‘What Does the Industry Need from the Academia in the Area of Safety?”. This proved to be a fruitful discussion. It highlighted the need to minimize the gap between theory and practice and invest more resources in solving real-world problems through the operationalization and testing of safety theories and models. Under this concept, the industry was prompted to become more eager in hosting respective research. Academia were urged to consider the requirement for practical, effective and efficient, yet scientific, solutions.

The Aviation Academy welcomed more than 70 industry professionals, academics and students from fifteen nationalities at a 2-days event, accompanied with a networking dinner. Professionals and academics shared and acquired new knowledge and were offered the opportunity to meet and greet peers from all over the world. It was a success. The second edition will take place in autumn 2017.