Centre of Applied Research Technology

Re-Using Circular Urban Fibres and Bio-based Plastics in Urban Products (RECURF)


RECURF focuses on the possibilities to process the new material combinations of bio-based plastics and textile residues in attractive circular products for interior and exterior uses. Together with clothing collection organization Sympany, the AUAS is doing research on the possibilities of making lasting products with the discarded textiles of the inhabitants of Amsterdam. Topics are the mechanical and aesthetic properties of new material combinations, the appropriate processing techniques and design strategies for application of these materials, the circular nature of the realized designs, including environmental impact and the end-of-life scenarios' circular business models with an interesting value proposition and revenue model for the companies involved, in order to bring designs successfully to the market.

Team and contact:

17 May 2022

Project Info

Start date 01 Sep 2015
End date 01 Sep 2019


Mark Lepelaar