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Application of STAMP to facilitate interventions


Application of STAMP to facilitate interventions to improve platform safety by de Boer. This study aims to predict the relation between safety management and safety performance for a Ground Service Provider using the STAMP framework, to enhance its safety performance, and to adapt the STAMP framework if and where necessary.

Airplane turn-around activities on the airport platform contribute disproportionally to a lack of safety in aviation, and these activities turn out to be difficult to improve. The STAMP framework applies complex system thinking and may therefore be suitable to identify lapses in safety management that are a cause for a lack of safety. This paper reports on a longitudinal single case study approach at a Ground Service Provider that investigates the use of STAMP to assess safety management and correlate this with safety performance. The results show that the STAMP framework, suitably modified, is a useful evaluation tool for safety management, and that its assessment correlates with safety performance.


de Boer, R.J. (2013) Application of STAMP to Facilitate Interventions to Improve Platform Safety. In: Proceedings of the 3rd STAMP Workshop, Boston.

25 March 2014

Publication date

Mar 2014


de Boer, R.J.
De Jong, S