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Collection of amino acids and DNA from fingerprints using hydrogels


The amino acid profile obtained from a fingerprint may provide valuable information on its donor. For forensic scientists, recovering evidence relating to the amino acid profile of a suspect can potentially be valuable for identification and exclusion purposes. Herein we detail the use of cross-linkable solutions of dextran-methacrylate to form hydrogels capable of collecting amino acids from surfaces followed by extraction and quantification with UPLC-MS. This method allows for the amino acid profile analysis of fingerprints while allowing for their increased visualisation at a later stage using the standard method of cyanoacrylation. We will demonstrate this method to also be capable of collecting DNA from fingerprints with a 20–60% yield in comparison to using a conventional cotton swab.

Reference van Helmond, W., O'Brien, V., de Jong, R., van Esch, J., Oldenhof, S., & de Puit, M. (2018). Collection of amino acids and DNA from fingerprints using hydrogels. ANALYST, 143(4), 900-905. https://doi.org/10.1039/c7an01692a
Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 21 February 2018

Publication date

Feb 2018


Ward van Helmond
Vincent O'Brien
Robin de Jong
Jan van Esch
Sander Oldenhof
Marcel de Puit


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