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CPN-Simulation Methodology for the Boarding Process of Aircraft


The boarding process of an aircraft is one of the identified bottlenecks in the turnaround when aircraft arrives to an airport.

The present article presents a methodology that models the key aspects of a boarding process using coloured Petri nets in order to understand in detail what are the main micro-dynamics and cause-effect relationships that hinder the smooth boarding process. Then the different models are integrated at a different level using a discrete-event program to simulate in detail the boarding process. The combination of both techniques reinforce mutually in such a way that the development process is very efficient for developing micro-models when the dynamics are difficult to understand. This kind of approach can be used for testing different boarding configurations and improve the efficiency of the studied process while reducing the cost associated to the process.


Mujica Mota, M. (2014) CPN-Simulation Methodology for the Boarding Process of Aircraft, in the Proc. of EMSS’14, Bordeaux, France.

Published by  Faculty of Technology 10 September 2014

Publication date

Sep 2014