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Methods for integrated simulation

10 concepts to integrate


This note summarises the current status of the work of EUROSIMs ans ASIMs Technical Committees "Data Driven System Simulation" - with main emphasis on Big Data integration in simulation.

This overview suggests ten developed concepts and methods which should be considered, implemented and documented in modern simulation studies with Big Data.

Reference Popper, N., Bicher, M., Breitenecker, F., Glock, B., Hafner, I., Mujica Mota, M., Music, G., Rippinger, C., Rössler, M., Schneckenreither, G., Urach, C., Wastian, M., Zauner, G., & Zechmeister, M. (2022). Methods for integrated simulation: 10 concepts to integrate. Simulation Notes Europe, 32(4), 225-236. Article 32. https://doi.org/10.11128/sne.32.on.10627
Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 1 December 2022

Publication date

Dec 2022


Niki Popper
Martin Bicher
Felix Breitenecker
Barbara Glock
Irene Hafner
Gasper Music
Claire Rippinger
Matthias Rössler
Günter Schneckenreither
Christoph Urach
Matthias Wastian
Günther Zauner
Melanie Zechmeister

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