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Simulation-based Capacity Analysis for a Future Airport


The current article deals with the problem of assessing the practical capacity of an airport network.

This problem is approached using simulation techniques taking into account not only the different mandatory variables which are imposed by the current legislation but also other factors that affect the practical capacity of the airport such as weather conditions. The model will be used for assessing the potential capacity problems that will be faced by the future airport. The article put focus on one airport of the North Holland region which is a good example of a region that struggles for allocating the growing traffic in the coming years.


Mota, M. M., Scala, P., & Boosten, G. (2014, February). Simulation-based capacity analysis for a future airport. In Computer Aided System Engineering (APCASE), 2014 Asia-Pacific Conference on (pp. 97-101). IEEE.

1 February 2014

Publication date

Feb 2014


P.M. Scala