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Sustainability in the future of design education


The Future of Design Education working group on sustainability developed recommendations for integrating sustainability into higher education design curricula. The recommendations provide a foundation for design instruc- tion, using well-established evidence-based tools, methods, and mindsets that apply to professional practice and support designers as advocates for environmental and social responsibility.

The document identifies core ideas for sustainable design, organized under a set of topics. These topics include sustainability fundamentals; circular economy; whole systems thinking; sus- tainable innovation strategies; impact assessment, and laws and standards; and communication, collaboration, and leadership. A summary table cap- tures each idea, along with corresponding discussion and learning outcomes (things students should know and do). Recommendations are tailored to three levels of study: for all design students, students expecting to practice in sustainable design, and students in elective or advanced study. Resources for such study are also included.

Reference Faludi, J., Acaroglu, L., Gardien, P., Rapela, A., Sumter, D., & Cooper, C. (2023). Sustainability in the future of design education. She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation, 9(2), 157-178. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sheji.2023.04.004
Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 1 January 2023

Publication date

Jan 2023


Jeremy Faludi
Leyla Acaroglu
Paul Gardien
Ana Rapela
Cindy Cooper


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