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Design-to-Robotic-Production and -Assembly for Architectural Hybrid Structures


The Design-to-Robotic-Production and -Assembly (D2RP&A) process developed at Delft University of Technology (DUT) has been scaled up to building size by prototyping of-site a 3.30 m high fragment of a larger spaceframe structure The fragment consists of wooden linear elements connected to a polymer node printed at 3D Robot Printing and panels robotically milled at Amsterdam University of Applied Science (AUAS). It has been evaluated for suitability for assembly on-site without temporary support while relying on human-robot collaboration. The constructed architectural hybrid structure is proof of concept for an on- and off-site D2RP&A approach that is envisioned to be implemented using a range of robots able to possibly address all phases of construction in the future.

Reference Bier , H., Hidding , A., & Galli, M. (2020). Design-to-Robotic-Production and -Assembly for Architectural Hybrid Structures. 1496-1500. Paper presented at ISARC 2020 Online, Kitakyshu, Japan.
27 October 2020

Publication date

Oct 2020


H. Bier
A. Hidding


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