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Fast Charging Systems for Passenger Electric Vehicles


This paper explores current and potential future use of fast charging stations for electric passenger vehicles. The aim of the paper is to analyse current charging patterns at fast charging stations and the role of fast charging among different charging options. These patterns are explored along the lines of the technical capabilities of the vehicles and it is found that with increasing battery capacity the need for fast charging decreases. However, for those vehicles with large charging capacities there are indications that fast charging is perceived as more convenient as these are used more often. Such results indicate a larger share for fast charging if charging capacities increase in the future. Results from a spatial analysis show that most fast charging is done at a considerable distance from home, suggesting mostly ‘on the road’ charging sessions. Some fast charging sessions are relatively close to home, especially for those without private home charging access. This shows some future potential for fast charging in cities with many on-street parking facilities.

Reference Wolbertus, R., & van den Hoed, R. (2020). Fast Charging Systems for Passenger Electric Vehicles. World Electric Vehicle Journal, 11(4), [73]. https://doi.org/10.3390/wevj11040073
1 December 2020

Publication date

Dec 2020


Robert van den Hoed


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