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HvA Research Database launches during first Knowledge Parade

Increase your visibility as a researcher

9 Feb 2021 00:00 | HvA Library

The launch of the first AUAS Knowledge Parade also marked the start of the AUAS/HvA Research Database. This database is a new public platform where you can find Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences research and researchers.

Curious about AUAS research or looking for a researcher? Go to the HvA Research Database at research.hva.nl .

Increased visibility of AUAS research and researchers

The introduction of the HvA Research Database will enable AUAS researchers to increase their visibility – not only within the institution, but also outside. Whereas information in the Pure registration system is for internal registration and documentation only, the database makes the available output in Pure visible and publicly accessible through the Internet.

In the HvA Research Database, you will find profiles of AUAS researchers and their research output, such as publications, but also activities, awards, media and datasets from Pure. From today, the profiles of AUAS researchers who have registered research output in Pure will be visible in the HvA Research Database automatically. Researchers can modify and add information to the HvA Research Database through Pure.

Appeal to researchers

During the development phase of the HvA Research Database, AUAS informed researchers and asked them to complete and update their information in Pure. AUAS is urgently appealing to researchers for help in keeping the database as comprehensive as possible.

If you are a researcher, please make sure that the available information about you and your research is complete and up-to-date. This will increase your visibility and networking opportunities in the database.

Would you like more information or do you have any questions?

Visit the Library website for more information about the HvA research database. You can send questions about the database to the Pure administrators at pure@hva.nl.

The HvA Research Database has been developed as a result of a joint effort by the AUAS Education & Research Office, the AUAS Communications Office and the UvA/AUAS Library.