Centre for Financial Innovation

Collaboration with the CFI

Have you any questions about ethics soft controls, data science, governance or innovation in finance? The CFI has unique expertise in these fields, together with you we can develop new possibilities for your organisation.

CFI researchers are concerned with, among other things the following aspects:

Sustainable financial markets and governance

How can we guarantee sustainable access to capital?

Financial innovation for social development

Development and implementation of new products and services including the necessary technical and legal requirements

Sustainable AI and data science

How can we guarantee the implementation and sustainable use of data and artificial intelligence?

Source Responsive professionals

How can we develop responsive professionals who contribute to sustainable (purpose-driven) organisations and a sustainable society, in other words, how do professionals continuously develop?


For specific questions about projects and their themes you can get in touch with the experts concerned.

Visit the CFI projects and the contact persons.

For other questions for the CFI or if you would like to discuss a whole new development then you can contact professor Dr. Frank Jan de Graaf .

30 September 2021