Hogeschool van Amsterdam



10K is the pre-incubator program of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the flagship program of the entrepreneurial support program. It is a half year program, organized by the AUAS to foster innovative and entrepreneurial ideas that have the potential to make real impact. 10K provides mentorship, masterclasses and the use of evidence based methods.

Researchers from the professorship of entrepreneurship will be involved in the 10K program in order to monitor the participants over the course of the preincubation process using surveys, interviews, and observations.

Special attention will be devoted to:

  • the development of entrepreneurial capabilities (Entrecomp)
  • the evolvement of the venture’s social networks and social capital
  • the evolution of the original idea into an actual, marketable opportunity

Also, 10K alumni who continue on their entrepreneurial journey after “graduating” from 10k willed be followed over time via periodical surveys.

The aim of the monitoring is twofold: first, we seek to gain better insight into the effectiveness of the 10k intervention model for entrepreneurial development and second we regard the development of the 10k venture as interesting cases to be included in the HvA teaching materials.