Entrepreneurship from a vulnerable labor marketposition


‘Entrepreneurship from a vulnerable labor market positions' is a new practice-oriented research project that the AUAS is developing in collaboration with partners. The central question is: In what way can independent entrepreneurship be a realistic and meaningful perspective for people in vulnerable labor market positions, given the forms of capital at their disposal? The project aims to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable economy and society by meeting the needs of (potential) entrepreneurs with a vulnerable labor market position.

The research should lead to insight into the push and pull factors of people with a vulnerable labor market position and how they use their human, social and economic capital in the different phases of entrepreneurship, from pre-starter, start-up to established entrepreneur. The empirical insights lead to an instrument for giving people with a vulnerable labor market position in the various stages of entrepreneurship the best possible vision of their forms of capital and possibilities.


(Collaborative) Business Models – Social Entrepreneurship

Others involved

Hafid Ballafkih (The Work Lab)


Maarten Hogestijn

Professional publications

Hogenstijn, M. (Author), Ballafkih, A. (Author), & Elmers, B. (Author). (2020). Onderzoeksvideo Ondernemerschap vanuit kwetsbare arbeidsmarktposities. Digital or Visual Products, Hogeschool van Amsterdam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_acSan3SyLs&feature=emb_logo

Contact details

Maarten Hogenstijn - m.hogenstijn@hva.nl

Published by  Entrepreneurship 12 February 2024