Dr. Ingrid Wakkee

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Ingrid Wakkee is the AUAS Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. She is responsible for the AUAS entrepreneurship research program while she also acts as scientific director of AUAS Venture Center which focuses on stimulating and supporting student entrepreneurship at AUAS. In her role as university-wide professor she is actively involved in multiple Centres of Expertise include the Centre for Economic Transformation and Urban Governance and Social Innovation.

Wakkee is additionally appointed as visiting professor at Thapar School of Management, in Punjab, India and as associate research fellow at the Fachhoch Schule in Münster, Germany. She is involved in multiple European research and education consortia and often acts as a committee member of entrepreneurship educational review boards such as for the EIT (E.U.) and NVAO (NL).


Female Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship Education – Failure & Recovery – (Collaborative) Business Models – Social Entrepreneurship







Urban Goodcamp


Scientific Director HvA Venture Centre


Scientific Publications

  • Alvarado Valenzuela, J. F., Wakkee, I., Martens, J., & Grijsbach, P. (2020). Lessons from entrepreneurial failure through vicarious learning. Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 1-25. 2.
  • DiVito, L., van Wijk, J., & Wakkee, I. (2020). Governing collaborative value creation in the context of grand challenges: A case study of a cross-sectoral collaboration in the textile industry. Business & Society.
  • Kör, B., Wakkee, I., & van der Sijde, P. (2020). How to promote managers’ innovative behavior at work: Individual factors and perceptions. Technovation, 102127. 5 citations
  • Kör, B., Wakkee, I., & Mutlutürk, M. (2020). An Investigation of Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention amongst University Students. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 20(1).
  • Wakkee, I., van der Sijde, P., Vaupell, C., & Ghuman, K. (2019). The university's role in sustainable development: Activating entrepreneurial scholars as agents of change. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 141, 195-205

Professional Publications

  • Tercanli, H. (Ed.), Martina, R. (Ed.), Ferreira Dias, M. (Ed.), Wakkee, I., Reuter, J., Amorim, M., Madaleno, M., Magueta, D., Vieira, E., Veloso, C., Figueiredo, C., Vitória, A., Gomes, I., Meireles, G., Daubariene, A., Daunoriene, A., Korntved Mortensen, A., Zinovyeva, A., Rivera Trigueros, I., ... Gutiérrez-Pérez, J. (2021). Educational escape rooms in practice: research, experiences, and recommendations. UA Editora. https://doi.org/10.34624/rpxk-hc61
  • van Vliet, H., Wakkee, I., Fukkink, R. G., Teepe, R., & van Outersterp, J. W. M. (2021). Rapporteren over doorwerking van praktijkgericht onderzoek. Amsterdam – Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Alvarado Valenzuela, J. F., Wakkee, I., & Grijsbach, P. (2020). Intervention Framework SmartUp: Early Stage Business Failure. http://www.smartupproject.eu/intervention-framework/
  • Wakkee, I. A. M., van der Veen, M., & Eurlings, W. (2015). Effectieve groeipaden voor het MKB. M&O, Tijdschrift voor Management en Organisatie, 2015(1), 233-246.
  • Stam, A.M.C.E., Groenewegen, P., & Wakkee, I. (2011). Inzicht in ondernemers-netwerken en innovatievermogen. Economisch Statistische Berichten, 96(4609s), 47-53.


  • Wakkee, I. (2021) On teaching entrepreneurial failure – panellist in Professional Development Workshop “Entrepreneurship: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Innovative Teaching and Research Methodology for Experiential and Vicarious Learning about the Positive and Negative sides of Entrepreneurship”, February 15th 2021.
  • Wakkee, I. (2020) Supporting Entrepreneurship during lockdown UIIN webinar: Accelerating Entrepreneurship at Universities in Times of Crisis June 5th 2020
  • Wakkee, I. (2020) building ecosystems to support student entrepreneurs European Union – South Africa Policy Dialogue on Education and Training: Policy Seminar: Education and Training for Employability, Brussels January 21, 2020
  • Wakkee, I, Martens, J., Alvarado-Valenzuela (2019) Leren van Ondernemersfalen (learning from entrepreneurial failure), Gala van de Wetenschap / Science Gala, Amsterdam November 25th 2019
  • Wakkee, I (2019) Failure and recovery of Entrepreneurs Keynote speech High Tech Small Firms Conference, Enschede, May 28th 2019

Media Appearences

  • Zollner, M (2021) The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: ‘University-Industry Collaboration is in our DNA’, UIIN News The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: ‘University-Industry Collaboration is in our DNA’ - UIIN 28/04/2021
  • Wakkee, I (2019) Wat kunnen we leren van faalverhalen van ondernemers – BNR News Radio 25/11/2019
  • Brownell, L & Pistone, T. (2019) An Interpretation Of The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Of The Amsterdam University Of Applied Sciences UIIN An Interpretation of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - UIIN 30/08/201

Contact details

E-mail: i.wakkee@hva.nl

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ingrid-wakkee-64a92a3

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ingrid-Wakkee

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