Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty on Digital Media & Creative Industries

Sticker cutter

Make your own stickers!

The Roland GX-24 sticker cutter uses a rotating blade to cut shapes out of sticker foil / vinyl foil.

Cutting process with the sticker cutter

The cut lines of your design can be made using the Illustrator software program. Via a software plug-in your design is then opened in the CutStudio program that controls the cutting machine itself. The machine cuts down through the sticker sheet as far as the underlying paper layer. It is also possible to cut pre-printed sticker material if they are provided with "crop marks".

Do you want to make stickers? Then come to the Makers Lab. One of the employees will instruct you how to operate the sticker cutter. This will take about twenty minutes.

  • Bring your own materials, or make use of any cut-offs in the Lab
  • For sticker sheet sales locations see this page
  • Transfer sheet is available in the Lab

  • Cutting area width: minimum 3 cm, maximum 58 cm
  • Cutting area length: maximum 500 cm
  • Material width: minimum 5 cm, maximum 65 cm

9 February 2022