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Digital Life

Digital Life is a research group at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Our applied research is focused on empowering the lives of people, especially in the health and wellbeing domain via data-driven systems and digital technologies. Our research topics embrace the challenges in the design, development and evaluation of human-computer interaction and user-experience research of innovative technologies.

Digital Life is one of the eight research groups that together form CREATE-IT Center for Applied Research. The research center is part of the Digital Media & Creative Industry faculty within the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research FDMCI 2 July 2024

  prof. S. Ben Allouch (Somaya)

Somaya Ben Allouch

Professor Digital Life (AUAS) & Professor 'Human-System Interaction for Health & Wellbeing' (University of Amsterdam))

Tel: 0618424275
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