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Welcome to Cross-Cultural Business Skills

Shorter and flexible semester. Can be studied via smartphone if preferred. Consistently highest evaluated course. A truly global programme.

Reasons for enrolling

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Become a published author

The international research you conduct with team mates will be published in a professional English management book. Add a professional ISBN to your CV/LinkedIn, and see your own name pop up on Amazon and Google Play. In addition, writing your thesis will be much easier due to the writing and research skills you will learn from us.

Flexible lesson times

There are optional campus classes on Tuesdays, either at 3:20 pm or 6:40 pm (part-time), and online live classes on Thursdays. Everything is recorded and you can watch whenever and wherever you want. You can schedule team-talks with lecturers at your own convenience, and we take other time zones into account.

Smartphone education

You can actually watch lessons and do your work from your mobile phone. All live lessons (MS Teams), video recordings (YouTube), assignments (MS Word), coaching appointments (MS Teams), and readings (pdf /web) are literally in the palm of your hand. Learning is made easy!

Become a world citizen

Get high-level training on global business skills in over twenty-five countries. Learn how to find almost anyone worldwide as well as how to read languages or alphabets you don't know. Become 100% travel-proof in a semester.

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Meet the team

  • Prof. Dr.Hc Sander Schroevers, Ll.M

    Global lecturer

    An internationalisation expert at the AUAS, author of over eighty management books in the field of International Communication, and a regular speaker at conferences across the globe.

  • Christopher Higgins, MA

    Academic writing lecturer

    Christopher Higgins is a communication expert with degrees in psychology and sociology and social science research methods, and will improve your English written expression.

  • Ms. Aynur Dogan, MA

    Research coach

    Ms. Aynur DOGAN is our survey and interview specialist, a subject which has she has written extensively in. Aynur provides intensive coaching that will help enhance your research skills.