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Cross-cultural data visualisation

The minor cross-cultural Data Visualisation is about data visualisation, data-ethics and data-humanism. Students will learn how to craft data stories that reflect people’s lives and cultures. Doing so, students will become aware of what data is and ask ethical questions about data and their social impact.

Students from different countries and with different cultural and multidisciplinary backgrounds work together, exchange and discuss their culturally sensitive data, with a focus on environmental degradation and climate change. Using cultural variety as a lens to learn from differences and varied interpretations and what that means for the ethical responsibility of the data-designer.

Workshop and skills
In the workshop part of the minor (10 EC’s) students will be equipped with the skills, tools, techniques required to make engaging data visualizations and data stories from a human and cross-cultural perspective. Given the international context in which the design practice is carried out we also address more meta-topics, such as SDG’s and sustainability, cultural sensitivity, dialogue and collaboration.

Team project
In the data visualization project (20 EC’s) students will apply theory, methods, techniques of the cursory part in a cross-cultural project. During the runtime of the project they will be part of a diverse international student team. In collaboration with students with different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds, students will collect, exchange, interpret and visualize data on how climate change is affecting daily life. This can be open data from (local) governments and self-collected data that relate to the life and social environment of the students and teachers. Students are free in the way they visualise the data sets (interactive websites, animations, print posters etc.).

Participation and coaching
Through the duration of the project students will receive intensive personal and team coaching and/or e-coaching. This minor offers a hybrid / blended programme: a combination between online and face-to-face sessions and workshops. You can also attend the minor 100% online. As an exception from our other minors, exchange students can also take parts (e.g. 10 or 15 EC’s) from this Cross-cultural data visualisation minor. You can find more detailed information, work by students, inspirational resources and theoretical background on the website: crossculturaldatavisualization.org(opens in new window)

Application deadline: 15 October 2022.

Please contact our International Office for more information and interest in this minor: international-cmd@hva.nl