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Designing the City

Apply design thinking and design methods in an international multidisciplinary context for contemporary mobility problems in a big city; Amsterdam or Newcastle.

You will learn how to deal with multidisciplinary approaches, you will learn how to grasp social, economic and cultural effects with design tools and produce informed judgements about them that enable you to steer processes in desirable directions. Focus on user needs, experiences and habits. You will develop transcultural competencies, reflective skills and the understanding of team dynamics.

Furthermore you will learn how to focus on user needs, experiences and habits in order to create a research environment that will improve insights from your own discipline. The course addresses the intricate relation between research and design in general, and the concept of ‘research through design’ (RtD) in contrast to research for design (RfD). In particular it combines lectures, classroom exercises in design critique, analyses of existing artefacts and will help students create their perspectives on future possibilities by using speculative design.

Application deadline: 15 April 2022.

Please contact our International Office for more information: international-cmd@hva.nl.