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High Performance Sport

The High Performance Sport minor (30 ECTS credits) focuses on the management aspects within the world of High Performance Sport. This industry is dedicated to striving for excellence and you will be taught in such an environment. Subjects include: Sport policy and Governance, Sport Marketing, Sport Media and Sport Law.

Learning outcomes

During this minor you will learn how (inter)national high performance sport federations and commercial organisations are run, governed and managed. Moreover, you will learn how to manage a team of high performance athletes and its staff members. You will receive insight into the lives of high performance athletes and what it means to participate in sports at the highest level. In short, this minor will allow you to find the answer to the question: 'What does it take for me to manage and lead in high performance sports?'

Programme outline

Subjects taught in this minor include:

  • HPS Management (4 ECTS)
  • HPS Policy (2 ECTS)
  • HPS Ethics (2 ECTS)
  • HPS Marketing & Communication (2 ECTS)
  • HPS Analytics & Informatics (2 ECTS)
  • HPS Management Skills (2 ECTS)
  • Performance Management (2 ECTS)
  • Talent Identification & Development (2 ECTS)
  • Team Dynamics (2 ECTS)
  • Support Teams (4 ECTS)
  • HPS paper (4 ECTS)
  • Field trip abroad (2 ECTS)

You will also take part in challenging practical assignments which correspond to the type of work you will experience in the world of high performance sport. You are therefore required to be ambitious and willing to go beyond a 9-to-f5 mentality. A study trip abroad will be organised to learn about a specific international high performance sports environment. A personal contribution of max. €500 should be taken into account for this trip.


Each subject will have a final assessment. You will have access to a reassessment in case the first attempt was insufficient. Assessments can be written exams, written papers, videos or presentations.

Possible career options

  • Team manager of a professional club team or a national team
  • General manager, technical director, programme manager in a High Performance Sport organisation

Admission requirements

  • The minor is open to students from various study programmes who can demonstrate their profound interest in and knowledge of the topic.
  • Because this minor is taught in English, it is important you have strong written and verbal English skills (equivalent to IELTS 6.0, TOEFL IB 80 and European level B2).
  • You are unlikely to pass the exams or obtain the necessary credits if you do not possess this level.

Study period

This minor runs once a year during our fall semester: September - January.


  • If you are a student from a partner university, please contact the International Office of your home university.
  • The International Office has to send us your official nomination by 1 April.
  • The application deadline for the programme is 15 April.
  • AUAS students can apply for this minor via minoren.mijnhva.nl(opens in new window). Students from other Dutch universities can enrol via kiesopmaat.nl(opens in new window).