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Career Café Programme

If you are not sure about which step to take in your career, or facing difficult decisions about the best next move for you such as whether to apply for a Master’s degree programme, join the Career Café. You can register now for a workshop, a chat with a career coach or a discussion table.

  • 17:30  –  17:45      Welcome
  • 17:45  –  18:00      Plenary opening
  • 18:00  –  20:30      3 rounds of 45 minutes
    • Round 1       18:05  – 18:50
    • Round 2       18:55  – 19:40
    • Round 3       19:45  –  20:30
  • 20:30  –  21:00      Drinks

Career coaches (Dutch only)

At the Career Café, you will have the opportunity to speak to a career coach. During these sessions the coaches may use various techniques, including the decision-making circle, which is also frequently used by our study choice coaches from Student Affairs. Several experienced coaches will be present at the event - they are keen to help you figure out your next career step. Register today. 

Discussion tables

You will be able to speak to staff working at the Master’s programmes as well as LoopbaanLoket staff over the course of three separate sessions. 

  1. Lifelong learning – coaching table (starts at 18:05, Dutch only)

Have you completed your degree programme and want to continue your studies? Today’s rapidly changing world requires us to keep developing both personally and professionally. Or maybe you haven’t (yet) decided what to do and are unsure of how to proceed. How do you challenge yourself and how do you stay relevant? A degree programme or course alongside your job could be the solution – or maybe you’re thinking of retraining entirely. The Lifelong Learning team is keen to help you make the right choice.

  1. LoopbaanLoket – networking table (starts at 18:05, 18:55 and 19:45, Dutch only)

The networking table gives you the opportunity to discuss your career path with others and exchange ideas. This table is led and moderated by a staff member who introduces thought-provoking statements and conversation starters. As the former Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, once said: ‘we can go fast on our own, but we can go further together’. 

  1. Master’s programme in Applied Artificial Intelligence –
    discussion table (starts 18:05 and 18:55, Dutch only)

Are you interested in helping businesses and institutions to use artificial intelligence responsibly? Or perhaps you are interested in thinking beyond the practical applications of the technology, to reflect on the impact of AI from an ethical, moral and social standpoint. At this discussion table, you can talk to staff working at the Master’s in Applied AI who will answer any questions you may have. 

  1. Master’s programme in Digital Driven Business – discussion table (starts at 19:45, in English)

A major a question of our time is how to transform the abundance of data and emerging digital technologies into meaningful actions and business value. Find out all about the Master’s programme in Digital Driven Business, a 1-year multidisciplinary programme that immerses you in the relevant, in-demand field of digital-driven business. During this Master's programme you can choose to specialise in either marketing or fintech.

  1. Master’s programme in Global Sustainable Business Management – discussion table (starts at 18:55, in English)

Are you looking for a programme that will give you the specialist knowledge and skills to support future sustainable business practice on a global scale? Or perhaps you would you like to learn to evaluate how businesses operate globally in an increasingly competitive environment. The 1.5-year Master's programme in Global Sustainable Business Management is a joint programme run by both Northumbria University and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and is based at the AUAS Business Campus.


  1. Workshop on Impactful Job Applications (starts 18:55, Dutch only)

Applying for a job isn’t always smooth sailing. So how can you get better at it? How can you make things easier for yourself? During this workshop on impactful job applications, participants will have the opportunity to practice and reflect on the application process in an interactive setting. The networking tips you will receive during the workshop and the other exercises will make you more confident during the application process.

  1. Workshop on Master’s programme in Climate Psychology (starts at 18:55, Dutch only)

Are you interested in making climate-friendly choices and encouraging others to do the same? During this workshop, you will be given a set of tools based on proven behavioural change methodology that will help you to make eco-friendly choices as an individual. At the same time, you will learn how to speak to others about the issue in a positive way. This will help you make a difference by both minimising your footprint and maximising your handprint!

  1. Workshop on Mastering personal presentation skills (starts at 18:05, Dutch only)

During the ‘Mastering self-presentation’ workshop, you will focus on how important it is to present yourself well during your job search. Participants will reflect on various theories and discover tools to differentiate themselves by identifying their own ‘Unique Selling Points’ (USPs). 

  1. Master’s programme in Social Work (starts at 19:45, Dutch only)

Development in professional practice is an essential part of the Master’s programme in Social Work. During the Master’s programme, you will gain both professional knowledge and develop professional skills to enable you to become an effective agent of change within professional practice, alongside building your expertise in applied research. In this workshop we will take the first steps in this direction. We will  discuss your own professional practice circumstances, whether related to your job or to a work placement, and will examine which development methods and strategies you could apply to your situation. 

  1. Workshop Working on your values (ACT) (starts at 19:45, Dutch only)

Over the past few years it has become increasingly clear how important it is to work somewhere that truly makes you happy. It all starts with identifying your core values. During this workshop participants will reflect on what they find important and why it is crucial to work at an organisation that aligns with their values. 

Information fair

Information tables – pop by to gather information in an informal setting. Staff members will be present at the tables to answer any questions you have throughout the evening.

  1. Lifelong learning – information table

We are keen to provide support to help you explore the various options the AUAS provides when it comes to short-term additional training, refresher training or major career retraining.

  1. Lifelong learning – Applied Social Sciences and Law – information table

The Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law provides education for professionals who want to invest in lifelong learning. Our goal is to provide you, as a professional, with relevant knowledge that will help you remain sustainably employable on the labour market. Our faculty provides various courses focused on people and society. Visit our table and find out what we have to offer you. 

  1. Master’s programme in Digital Design (English-taught) – information table

Are you looking to advance your skills in design and adapt to an ever-changing world? Do you embrace experimentation and have the ability to think beyond design rules and conventions? Our one-year, full-time Master of Science programme in Digital Design aims to educate professionals who can create, adapt, and apply design processes -- pushing the boundaries of digital technologies while maintaining an ethical perspective on people, profit, and the planet.

  1. Master’s programme in Legal Management: information table

The part-time Master’s in Legal Management will teach you how to make legal services more effective, efficient and more customer oriented as a professional within the space of two years. Within professional practice, the programme department is known as the No 1 provider of future-proof professionals who are able to optimise legal services and processes in a rapidly changing professional legal practice – whether in a management or coordinating role.

  1. Teacher Training Master’s – information table

Are you interested in taking the next step in your career as a teacher, educational specialist or social worker and working at the Master’s degree level? As a teacher, a Master’s degree will enable you to obtain your first-level teaching qualification or take on a role as a coordinator or innovator in education. As an educational specialist, you can fulfil different roles in order to have an impact on the relevant issues that affect the care structure within your professional practice. Visit our information table and ask any questions you might have - we are happy to help.

  1. Master’s programme in Social Work – information table

Are you an ambitious professional in healthcare, well-being or community development? Are you interested in developing your research skills, resolving complex issues in your field and taking your career and professional skills to the next level? The part-time Master’s programme in Social Work provides an opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to do so, while working in professional practice. 

  1. Master’s programme in Performance, Sport and Health – information table

Do you work as a gym (PE) teacher, a physiotherapist, or exercise therapist working with athletes and performing artists, and do you want to support your pupils, students or clients so they can reach peak performance while staying healthy? During the Master’s programme in Performance, Sport & Health, you will develop your skills to become a trainer or therapist who works with athletes and performers, is a professional leader and manages a multidisciplinary team, with the common goal of helping clients to perform as best they can – at every level – in a healthy way.

  1. Master’s programme in Urban Technology – information table

How can we shape the city of the future so that it becomes sustainable, offers good quality of life and is accessible for all?  And how do we deal with the scarcity of space, raw materials, energy and clean air? If you want to contribute to solving these issues, be sure to visit the Urban Technology information table and ask our staff any questions you have about this Master’s programme.

  1. Nursing – Master’s programme and retraining – information table

Master’s programme in Mental Health Nursing

If you are interested in developing your nursing career and specialising in complex care for people with a mental illness, then the Master’s programme in Mental Health Nursing is the right programme for you. You will be applying (scientific) knowledge in a mental healthcare setting and contributing to structurally strengthening the care your provide and making a commitment to providing good care.

Master’s programme in Critical Care

If you are an qualified nurse (HBO-education level) or work in acute or intensive care, or intend to pursue that pathway, then the Master’s in Critical Care is an ideal next step in your career. You will be developing your expertise as a specialised nursing professional and deepening your clinical reasoning, a solid foundation for the evidence-based care you will provide. In addition, you will be developing your research skills to improve healthcare practice, thereby developing your competencies as a nursing professional within a multidisciplinary team.

Nursing work-study programme (HBO-education level)

During your HBO Nursing work-study programme you will be doing exactly that: working and studying. Classes will alternate with time spent working in professional practice. Throughout the entire programme, you will be employed by a healthcare institution and will be supervised by a qualified colleague. As you advance through the programme, you will provide increasingly complex patient care and gain more and more autonomy in your work.

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About the LoopbaanLoket

The LoopbaanLoket (career desk) was set up to give young professionals a boost in the area of self-reliance, self-management, resilience and to help them take control of their own careers. In other words, it was set up to empower young people. Our objective is to help students and alumni flourish in their work and their lives – this is predicated on being happy with the work you do and being completely absorbed by it.