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Health Insurance

Health insurance is a legal requirement for everyone working and studying in the Netherlands. Unless you plan to do paid work while you’re here, your health costs must be covered by insurance or the health service in your own country. On this page, you can find the advice to match your situation.

Make sure you are covered

If you don’t have health insurance for the duration of your stay in the Netherlands, you could receive a large fine. Please check the health insurance in your home country and take out extra if needed.

EU/EEA (study only)

If you’re from the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland you are covered for emergencies and basic medical procedures with a European Health Insurance Card(opens in new window) (EHIC). Apply for the EHIC prior to departure – the European Commission's website tells you what it covers. We recommend that you take out supplemental health insurance to cover the medical costs that the EHIC does not cover. This often includes urgent dental and psychological care. See a plan we recommend below.

Students with Dutch nationality
Students with Dutch nationality need to take out a health insurance plan from a Dutch insurance company. More general information about insurance can be found on our information page about Dutch health insurance.

Non-EU/EEA (study only)

If you’re only here to study (and not working), you must have health insurance from your own country or through an international provider. Please make sure your cover includes psychological and urgent dental care. If not, see our recommendation for taking out extra cover below.  Note: UK students can take out a Global Health Insurance Card, which replaces the EHIC (see above). Again, it may not cover you for all your needs while here.

Working while studying (including internship)

If you plan to have a job alongside your studies, you must have health insurance from a Dutch health insurer, whether you are working full- or part-time.

Find out more about Dutch health insurance

If you are self-employed (known in Dutch as ZZP'er), please contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank. They will carry out a free assessment to see what your health insurance needs are. Please note, this assessment can take 6-8 weeks.

Students on paid internships also need to use a Dutch insurer to take out insurance – but only if they earn at least as much as the Dutch minimum wage through it. Expenses - such as accommodation, travel and food - also count as being paid. If these exceed the Dutch minimum wage, you need to use a Dutch health insurance provider. If you're unsure, please contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank. Please note this assessment can take 6-8 weeks.

Extra health insurance

Usually, insurance plans from your home country don't cover all you need while here. For that reason, we recommend AON's insurance. They have a specialised international student plan. However other plans are available and you should shop around to find one you're comfortable with.

AON explains their plan during recent webinar recordings:

AON webinar EU/EEA students January 2024
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AON webinar non-EU/EEA January 2024
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New AON webinars (and registrations) are coming up on July 2024. 

Applying for health insurance video from Study in NL