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Checklist for applying as an EU or international student

Here's what you need to do to apply to AUAS as an international student - and to ensure successful arrival in Amsterdam. Not all steps are relevant for every student so please check them carefully.

1. Check the application deadline

Please check the application deadlines for your chosen programme (Dutch programmes here). In case of conflict with the below, the deadlines on the programme page take precedent.

The general deadlines are:

  • Fulltime programmes: 1 May 2024
  • Degree programmes that have an enrolment quota and selection procedure: application for the 2024-2025 academic year is possible until 15 January 2024.
  • Degree programmes that have a study check: no later than 1 May 2024.
  • Part-time and dual programmes: preferably before 1 June, but no later than 31 August 2024.

2. Check the admission requirements

You can find the admission requirements on the degree programme's website. Go to the overview of programmes taught in English or programmes taught in Dutch to find out if there are any prerequisites for the degree programme.

3. Submit your enrolment request

To apply for a programme at AUAS, go to Studielink(opens in new window). Studielink is the Dutch system used to apply for higher education. You need a DigiD to log into Studielink.
You will receive a welcome email from  AUAS within 48 hours of applying in Studielink.

Applying for a programme in Studielink is free of charge.

4. Activate your AUAS account

All AUAS students receive an AUAS account activation email within 5 days of applying in Studielink. This email contains a link where you can choose a password for your account. AUAS account grants you access to AUAS IT facilities, and is a necessary step to initiate your housing and immigration procedures.

5. Submit your credentials for credential evaluation*

*For students with a non-Dutch diploma

When you apply for a degree programme or a preparatory course at the AUAS, with a non-Dutch diploma your credentials will be checked by the AUAS. You will receive an email invitation to submit all relevant documents that prove your education credentials. Read more about the documentation required for credential evaluation. 

Credential evaluation takes 2 to 6 weeks once all required documents have been submitted, provided they are all in order. This may mean you have to wait for your final graduation diploma before credential evaluation can begin. Errors in your documents may mean the process takes up to 10 weeks.

6. Prepare for immigration*

*For full-time students with a non-EU or -EEA nationality.

For students who require a visa and/or a residence permit to study in the Netherlands, you will be contacted in May by our immigration team. To learn more about your specific immigration procedure, head to Immigration for non-EU students.

7. Prepare for housing in Amsterdam

The AUAS assists full-time international students in finding accommodation in Amsterdam. Make sure to read this information in advance. If you are admitted you will receive an email in May regarding housing via the AUAS.

More information about housing

8. Participate in the selection or intake

Some degree programmes require an intake. This could be a selection day or an intake interview, depending on your choice of study. After you have submitted your enrolment request in Studielink,  AUAS will send you more information regarding the selection day or intake interview.

Go to the overview of programmes taught in English or programmes taught in Dutch to find out if the degree programme has a selection process or an interview.

If you still have doubts about the degree programme of your choice we can help you decide if the programme is a good match for you. For more information, go to Choose your study.

9. Finalise your enrolment

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to finalise your enrolment as of half May 2024. This includes paying tuition fees and uploading a photo for your AUAS-ID card.

  • As of half May up until 1 September you can make arrangements to pay your tuition fees.
  • To obtain an AUAS-ID card, you first have to upload a passport photo on mijnhvapas.nl. You will need your AUAS account to do this.
  • Upload any final credentials and certificates that may still be pending.

Once you have completed all required steps in your enrolment, you will receive a Proof of Enrolment.

10. Get ready for the academic year

Check the Getting started website(opens in new window) for everything you need to know about textbooks, timetables, class enrolment and more.

11. What to do upon arrival

Take care of personal administrative tasks and get going with your social life with our guide to what to do during your first week. Some of these items (such as registering with the municipality) can be taken care of before you get here.

Check what to do upon arrival

12. Attend the introduction week

Each faculty organises its own introduction week to orientate you to your new social and academic life. Your faculty will send you an email with the introduction programme as the semester approaches.

Any questions?